The Max Levine Ensemble – Sun’s Early Rays

Everyone is surely losing their minds over the December release of the new Star Wars flick, but did you know that Daniel Craig’s fourth turn as James Bond, the Sam Mendes directed Spectre, comes out in just a couple of weeks? DC pop-punks The Max Levine Ensemble capture some of that superspy hype in “Sun’s Early Rays”, the first single from their new album Backlash, Baby, their first since 2008. Starring Katie Alice Greer from Priests and Sharad Satsangi from Ilsa, this video looks a whole lot slicker than their self-proclaimed “snacks and arts and crafts budget” should suggest. If you’ve enjoyed their summer-long pre-release album “stream” on the Black Cat’s jukebox, you’d better pre-order the vinyl release now while you can, or wait for the record release show on Sunday November 22nd at the Black Cat backstage with Sundials and Maneuvers.


One thought on “The Max Levine Ensemble – Sun’s Early Rays

  1. […] good about our mission to get you to see more DC music videos. If you recall from the last video “Sun’s Early Rays”, Katie Alice Greer stole the doomsday device from the evil villain Sharad Satsangi and escaped. […]

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