Catscan! – Voodoo Dollhouse

Last week electronic rock duo Catscan! unleashed the second single from their unbelievably catchy full length album Challenger Deep, a generous pay-what-you-want download on their Bandcamp. Mason Shelby and Paul Tsiaperas still know how to do a proper single release in 2015, making a goofy music video for “Voodoo Dollhouse” with plenty of burning dollhouse footage, and a dance remix by Eric Randall with rapping from Height Keech. Furthering the generosity, both the remix and the original are available for further manipulation under a Creative Commons license, so other bedroom noodlers should see how far this earworm can go. Mark your calendars for Catscan!’s next live show on Saturday October 17th at the Velvet Lounge with Electric Grandmother, ShowPony and Aggressive Pedestrian.


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