Monthly Archives: July 2015

Clones of Clones – Float On

To bridge the gap between the 2014 EP I Don’t Need Your Love and their full length album anticipated for late 2015, indie rock band Clones of Clones worked up their favorite cover song for an actual full single release. “Float On”, the massive 2004 single by Modest Mouse, gets worked over by singer Ben Payes and his talented rock crew, and the result is a pleasing hybrid between the original and CoC’s electronic rock sound. The band even shot this haltingly charming music video, showing Payes in full on Corey Hart dreamboat mode dancing and playing near the Key Bridge in Georgetown, shooting one frame every six seconds for two hours. Float on, indeed.


Beauty Pill – Afrikaner Barista

Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are is full of unique sounds and Chad Clark’s distinctive lyrics, but “Afrikaner Barista”‘s funky bassline groove makes it my favorite song on the album. Beauty Pill tapped acclaimed music video director Jeff Sheven for the accomapnying visuals, and a theme emerges with the third video for “Afrikaner Barista”. The videos focus on the faces of the songs’ singers, first Jean Cook with “Dog With Rabbit In Mouth Unharmed” and Clark on “Steven & Tiwonge” and this one. Clark’s eyes are just hypnotic as he sings while abstract and sometimes concrete images play over his face. Read more about the music video collaboration over at the blog Death & Taxes.


Laughing Man – Bodycop

Be Black Baby. Residing on the slightly odder fringes of DC music, art-punk band Laughing Man also prominently stands as one of the only without a white dude in sight. With racial issues dominating headlines and discussions for months, Laughing Man chooses to make political statements subtly through their music and videos. Bodycop is a mostly bluesy, laconic song with occaisonal bursts of energy, and director Zak Forrest created this video showing singer Brandon Moses’s seemingly lifeless body lying around various locations in touristy DC. Laughing Man kicks off a night of far-out music at the always interesting Union Arts, followed by Janel Leppin and touring acts Palberta and Circuit Des Yeaux.