Beauty Pill – Steven & Tiwonge

Today NPR Music premiered the newest video from Beauty Pill‘s transcendent new album Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are. “Steven & Tiwonge”, a lyrical work of speculative fiction about a transgendered person pursued by the Malawian police, thankfully did not get a literal music video interpretation, which could easily have been overwhelmingly bleak. Instead director Jeff Scheven shot more abstract, mood setting visuals along with singer Chad Clark’s mesmerizing deadpan delivery to focus the attention on the interplay between lyrics and sounds. So great to see Clark and his collaborators getting the long overdue attention this music deserves.


2 thoughts on “Beauty Pill – Steven & Tiwonge

  1. […] singers, first Jean Cook with “Dog With Rabbit In Mouth Unharmed” and Clark on “Steven & Tiwonge” and this one. Clark’s eyes are just hypnotic as he sings while abstract and sometimes […]

  2. […] visual themes of focusing on the singer’s face. We could have chosen the better known singles “Steven & Tiwonge” or “Afrikaaner Barista”, but instead the #2 DC music video of the year is the first […]

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