The Hartford Pussies – Thunder Lizard video

In reviewing the Facebook timeline of jangly indie pop band The Hartford Pussies, I followed a link to a Mashable story about iconic childhood dinosaur favorite Brontosaurus just recently getting its majestic name restored from crazy revisionist paleontologists who somehow thought that the legendary “thunder lizard” was just another type of Apatosaurus. Seriously, that’s destroying my childhood like Pluto getting downgraded from planetary status. Is Pluto back to being a planet now? Never mind, I don’t even want to know. Clearly The Hartford Pussies are overjoyed that the “Thunder Lizard”, the first single from their brand new album Judy, is back in the pantheon of our planet’s original lizard overlords. This video mixing colorful, goofy images of the band with plastic dinosaurs fighting, partying and protesting successfully fuses play time with 90s slacker vibes. Seriously, Galaxy Hut, book this band already.


One thought on “The Hartford Pussies – Thunder Lizard video

  1. […] are honored to be included as a Hometown Sounds Video of the Day. Go Thunder Lizard! We love the Hometown Sounds podcast, and have been following them since Mark […]

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