Speedy Consuela – Sukka Suited video

Untangling the web of connections between artists in the Fort Knox Recordings family is a fun parlor game. Fort Knox Five, the label’s flagship funk act, is Jon Hovarth, Steve Raskin and Sid Barcelona (new album out next month!), but Raskin & Barcelona made stylish downtempo as Thunderball on the ESL label for many years. Versatile guitarist/sitarist Rob Myers’s solo excursions go under the name International Velvet. Raskin also put together a family project with his sister Joyce, wife Johnna and Joyce’s husband Matt White called Speedy Consuela. Though a rumored full length album did not materialize, a handful of tracks appeared on the occasional FKR compliation series “The New Gold Standard”. Despite being originally released way back in 2006, Speedy Consuela just premiered a new music video for their debut single “Sukka Suited”. Directed by the aforementioned Rob Myers and shot in the Rock & Roll Hotel’s stylish Mao Room, the video is a swanky mod tribute to this throwback party anthem from the mid-aughts.

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