The Girls Upstairs – This Rose (NPR Tiny Desk submission)

I pay a lot of attention to DC bands, as you might imagine, and yet this enthusiastic young group from College Park escaped my notice until their Tiny Desk submission crossed my path. The Girls Upstairs, normally a four piece indie rock band, crammed three of their well dressed members between a desk and an open closet to lay down this acoustic folk version of “This Rose”, the first track from their recently released EP Never Love You. (Guys, you sound great but $10 is pretty steep for a 4 song EP.) The harmonies and energy on this song are great, and having a solidly talented female drummer in your band is a surefire way to catch my attention.

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One thought on “The Girls Upstairs – This Rose (NPR Tiny Desk submission)

  1. […] definitely worth adding to your DC music collection on Bandcamp. We showed you their unplugged Tiny Desk contest entry a while back, but hear how they sound fully electrified and “chemically altered” in […]

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