SmCity – New Spiritual video

One of the biggest cliches of living in DC is the first question asked when meeting someone new: “So what do you do?” It’s easy to think that everyone here lives for their day job to an unhealthy degree. Most people ask that question to discover if you’re important enough to network with, but I find that asking “What do you do after your day job?” leads you to the truly interesting folks: actors, writers, musicians and dedicated bloggers (heh). If we’re lucky, we don’t hate our day jobs too much. On rapper Simeon “SmCity” Booker’s new single “New Spiritual” featuring BJ the Chicago Kid, he rhymes about the daily grind of the day job and the struggles of ex-cons who have hurdles to landing one. SmCity’s new full length album Empire Falls drops December 3rd on Twenty20 Music & Films, and you can preorder it now for only $5.


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