The Sea Life – NY Models (GemsOnVHS)

A big part of the DIY/DIT house show scene in DC is crashing on couches. For the touring musicians, that is. Overindulgent patrons are typically relocated to front porches or back alleys. Anyway, Nashville’s Anthony Simpkins, chief everything officer of visual creative content company GemsOnVHS, recently visited our town and got a fitting intro to the DC music scene from The Sea Life‘s Jon Weiss, and his sofa. Simpkins’ camera caught this excellent stripped down performance by Weiss and Payton James of “NY Models”, from their 2013 album Transitions (name your own price!) in Dupont Circle. Much like last week’s Pree video, the tighter focus on Weiss’s vocals and lyrics than is typical for a Sea Life performance is cool to see and hear. The Sea Life next performs live at DC Music Download’s Autumn Spectacular at the Howard Theatre on Saturday October 11th with Typefighter, Teen Mom and Lowercase Letters.


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