Podcast for June 25th, 2014

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Hometown Sounds returns from hiatus to cover the newest DC music releases. Also tickling.

Bearshark – Island in the Sky
Derek Evry – So Hard
Heavy Lights – Exploder
ROM – Belia
Laughing Man – Brilliant Colors
The Deadmen – Let Your Fingers Rule
Railsplitter – Orange Pear Apple Bear
See-I – Queen of Sheba feat. Edy Blu
Honest Haloway – Eyes On Me
Bumper Jacksons – When The Sun Goes Down In Harlem

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One thought on “Podcast for June 25th, 2014

  1. […] the recently retired post-rock/indie band that kicked off yesterday’s episode of the Hometown Sounds podcast, has a special offer for DC music fans! Head over to their website […]

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