The Caribbean – Imitation Air video

DC’s music scene is often dominated by young acts frantically chasing the buzz of popularity. The Caribbean, 15 year veterans of making breezy, laid back and lyrically-focused indie rock in DC, stand in stark contrast to that accepted wisdom. They seem in no hurry to get where they’re going, content to experiment with synth sounds and Michael Kentoff’s falsetto vocal delivery. “Imitation Air” is the first single from their 6th full length album Moon Sickness, released last month on Portland’s Hometapes label. Longtime producer Chad Clark, also of the band Beauty Pill, described the music video for Imitation Air:

“There’s a door. We don’t know what’s beyond the door. We don’t know whether it leads outside. The door is a Schrödinger’s cat. We don’t know whether the door represents decimation or liberation. The door glows with promise or menace; we don’t know. You begin to argue amongst yourselves in slow motion about what to do about the door. With a lot of debate, one by one, the trio members open the door and exit to … we never find out what it is.”

Mark your calendars for Saturday March 29th when The Caribbean supports the CD release show for Hometown Sounds faves The Jet Age at Comet Ping Pong.


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