Top 5 Videos of 2013 #4: Vandaveer – Pretty Polly

All this week Hometown Sounds counts down the top 5 music videos of 2013. DC bands made a ton of amazing videos this year and my long list of nominees was quite long indeed, but now it’s time for the best of the best!

Vocal folk duo Vandaveer took top honors in the Hometown Sounds Top 5 DC music videos of 2012, and they have a long history of gorgeous videos with many French directors. 2013 saw Vandaveer release their PledgeMusic-funded album Oh, Willie, Please…, a collection of murder ballads that could have used a breath of levity somewhere in its dark subject matter. For Pretty Polly, the sole video release from the album, Vandaveer tapped director Jared Varava, who with his brother Justin have helmed videos from These United States and Devendra Banhart under the creative banner An Illusion Of Movement. The song’s old historical tradition is rendered visually with this Deadwood-esque video treatment.


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