Honest Haloway – Laughable (Live at Paperhaus)

While synth-rockers Honest Haloway prep a new EP called Perigee, they recently recorded a live take of a new song Laughable at DC’s strongest house venue Paperhaus. This slick video features HH as a duo of vocalist Tim Kratzer and drummer Charlie Karim, but they’ve recently added bassist Fico Lazzaro-Colon, a vet from DC bands Ms. Director and Cedars. Over this past weekend HH closed out an amazing season of live shows at The Lot at Union Kitchen, so if you missed out, enjoy this video with plenty of shots of Charlie’s well-defined arms.


One thought on “Honest Haloway – Laughable (Live at Paperhaus)

  1. […] out, including the appropriately-timed “New Year’s”, from HH’s performance last fall at now-legendary DIY venue Paperhaus. Here’s the video from that performance, shot by Cesar […]

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