Fresh Tracks! Pentamon – Among The Thugs

PENTAMON - Among The Thugs
DC’s history with EDM, electronic dance music, has mostly ranged from deep & soulful house music (Sunday nights with Sam The Man Burns) to aggressive and atmospheric drum n bass. The dark, repetitive, sometimes minimal stylings of techno have ferociously devoted adherents but remains mostly underground. Recently U Street Music Hall has devoted more deck time to techno, and the mysterious producer PENTAMON is cranking out new tracks to worldwide acclaim. The initial PENTAMON release Nite from earlier this year is now joined by a two song EP called Among The Thugs, released today on Teenage Riot Records. The title track brings peak time dance floor power, while the b side Skywarp simmers with growling basslines and a repetitive “belch” synth. Mark your calendar for Saturday September 7th when PENTAMON works his dark magic at the 9:30 Club Backbar with special guests Sami Y and Pat Jagla. If you don’t already know PENTAMON’s hidden identity, a quick spin around Google easily reveals it, but wouldn’t it be more fun to enjoy the surprise?


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