Podcast for July 10th, 2013

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Guest starring Live Picks! columnist Tony Porreco and DC Music Download’s Stephanie Williams!

Cherry Tree – Virtuoso
Lowercase Letters – Restless City
The Low Bends – St. Valentine’s Rebuttal
Linsay Deming – Girls Girls Girls
Silent Old Mtns. – Old Man
Heavy Lights – Stop Talking
Big Hush – Where I End
Misun – Sun Made
Clones of Clones – Bully (Eau Claire Remix)
Two Inch Astronaut – Blood from a Loyal Hound

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One thought on “Podcast for July 10th, 2013

  1. […] of the songs featured on the most recent episode of the Hometown Sounds podcast was the new single “Restless City” by rock / soul hybrid […]

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