Congo Sanchez – A Year Thus Far

There are a lot of great DC music shows to see tonight, including Paint Branch at Comet Ping Pong, Justin Trawick at Iota, Young Summer at Jammin’ Java, Heavy Breathing at Black Cat and Margot MacDonald at Lubber Run Amphitheater in Arlington. I love you if you see any of them. But if you’re unsure what to check out, my pick of the night is the amazing lineup of Black Masala, Congo Sanchez and The Good Thing at H Street NE’s Rock & Roll Hotel.
The Good Thing are a dedicated and dynamic new funk band that will get the party rolling instantly. Here’s a free download from their recent EP Get Funky.

I admit, I am a sucker for New Orleans brass bands like Rebirth, Stooges and The Hot 8. We may not have any bands in DC that fit that particular mold (yet!), but Black Masala scratches that itch for me nicely. They bring a gypsy influence to their high energy shows, and I could not be more excited to check this out tonight.

And finally, our video feature of the day comes from Congo Sanchez. Best known as the drummer for Thievery Corporation, he turns electronic music performance around by featuring live drums instead of preprogrammed drum machines. Flex Mathews, the most versatile rapper in DC, adds a crucial element to the live show. In this video Congo Sanchez reminisces of the first year of his new band’s forming, performing and touring, and what the future holds.


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