The Dismemberment Plan – The Ice Of Boston (Live at 9:30)

DOMA and Prop 8 are gone and many many people in DC are celebrating further progress towards equality for all. In danger of getting lost amongst the avalanche of tweets is the news that DC music legends The Dismemberment Plan will release their first album of new material this fall in 12 years. On October 15th, you can grab a copy of Uncanny Valley, with new songs test-driven live at special reunion shows over the last year. If you’re new to town or weren’t paying attention to DC indie rock in the late 90s, you might not know what you’ve missed out on so far. So here’s a live video of Travis Morrison, Eric Axelson, Jason Caddell and Joe Easley performing the classic song The Ice Of Boston at the 9:30 Club back in January 2011. Get excited!


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