Borracho – All In Play video

DC’s musicians and live music fans owe an enthusiastic high five to Catherine Lewis, freelance music journalist and proprietor of the excellent concert listing aggregator Showlist DC. I recently met Catherine and her boyfriend Chris, blogger, at a show at The Pinch, and Catherine politely and validly pointed out the lack of metal at Hometown Sounds. I admit, I am not yet a devoted metalhead like many at the packed house to see Warchild that night, but Hometown Sounds is devoted to all genres of DC music, and to that end: MOAR METAL! First stop is hugely popular stoner metal band Borracho. Today they release a brand new 7″ Mob Gathering through Spain’s Ghost Highway Recordings and Germany’s No Balls Records, packaging up some unused demos from their 2009 album Splitting Sky. It’s limited to 200 black copies and 100 marbled orange pressings (mmmmmm), so grab yours before they vanish. Today’s music video for All In Play, from Splitting Sky, is so huge in its scope that it really brings out the lameness of my laptop speakers. Listen with big chunky headphones, or better yet see them live at the Velvet Lounge on Thursday March 28th with Been Obscene from Austria and their buddies SuperVoid from Pittsburgh. And look, Showlist DC is giving away two pairs of tickets to the show! It all comes together.


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