Dance For The Dying – Mannequin (Blue Light Session)

Local indie rock band Paperhaus lives in a happy little house called Paperhaus, one of the more popular house venues in town. The show I saw there last Friday night featuring Honest Haloway, Watermelon and Slow Machete, while stylistically all over the place, was a packed and sweaty fun party, even after the visit from law enforcement and subsequent volume reduction. The band leaves for an extended tour soon, so shows there will pause for a while. All the more reason to check out tonight’s show featuring two pop bands from Pittsburgh, Donora and TeamMate, and keytar-rocking locals Dance For The Dying. The show’s free, but bring a few bucks to help the out of towners with gas money. Here’s a great live version of D4TD’s Mannequin, the lead single from last year’s Puzzles For The Traveler EP, courtesy of Pick Up Productions’ Blue Light Sessions.


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