Musiceum Interview

DC has a new website devoted to covering what’s going on in local music., run by Tom Vilms, features some great video interviews with DC musicians like The Grey Area, Redline Addiction and Melodime. At the first Hometown Sounds showcase at 9th & Beats last month, Tom grabbed me for a quick chat about 2012 and what lies ahead for this internet radio station. Thanks for the interview Tom!


3 thoughts on “Musiceum Interview

  1. Great interview. Tom is doing a great job with Musiceum. Also, we’re loving what Hometown Sounds is doing. Rock!

  2. […] Paul Vodra, the man behind local internet radio station Hometown Sounds shares his thoughts on 2012 and the future of internet radio with the team from Musiceum. [Hometown Sounds] […]

  3. Tom V says:

    Thanks for the interview DJ Paul.

    MUSICEUM launched in 2012. We’re building an “online music museum”. (get it… music-eum?)

    We believe there’s a lot more to a good music scene than the musicians. Granted, the musicians deserve the main stage, but our mission is to help bring out and let music fans explore the stories of what else goes into making music. You’ll be surprised! Like everything you’re doing with HOMETOWN SOUNDS. You’re turning listeners onto new music and helping people CARE about the musicians.

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