Ugly Purple Sweater – DC USA video

Folk rockers Ugly Purple Sweater just released a brand new video for DC USA, the title track from their new EP coming out next month. These guys are some of my favorite musicians in DC, and I think this video and new EP are really going to put them on the map. DC USA is the shopping complex and parking garage in Columbia Heights, and director Paul Abowd shot DC rapper Superstar Butta as a boxer warming up in that neighborhood. Catch Ugly Purple Sweater live at their EP release show at the Black Cat on Saturday January 12th with another excellent band, Boston’s Kingsley Flood.


One thought on “Ugly Purple Sweater – DC USA video

  1. […] you guys remember that video for DC USA that Ugly Purple Sweater put out a couple of months ago? With the boxer dude jogging around […]

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