Miyazaki – Altar video

Listen up DC, you’ve got two chances this weekend to catch some of the best local music we’ve got currently. Saturday night I highly recommend you head over to the Red Palace on H St. NE for three very different but captivating bands: Fire & The Wheel, Ugly Purple Sweater and Dance For the Dying, who are celebrating the release of their brand new EP Puzzles for the Traveller, out October 2nd.

Tonight three great dance music bands take the stage at the Black Cat. Headliners Ra Ra Rasputin celebrate the 5 year anniversary of their late 80s synthpop vibe. Misun, the new band from Nouveau Riche‘s DJ Nacey, gives you house, nu disco and their own invention Aquawave. And openers Miyazaki describe themselves as “gloommy-spirit house, dance-synth pop”. They are putting the finishing touches on their debut album, out very soon, and this week they posted the first single, Torrents, to their Bandcamp page.

For our music video of the day, check out this video they made for the song Altar. Have a great weekend DC and enjoy the local music shows!


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