Podcast 2012-07-13

My favorite tunes from my Hometown Sounds DJ gig at the Argonaut in 2009-2010

Oddisee – Chocolate City Dreaming
DeRigeur – Chillin’ On The Rhodes (KidGusto Remix)
Restoring Poetry In Music – Poetron
Mathpanda – Expect Torrents
Fort Knox Five – Insight feat. Asheru
T.Kolai – Zouk
See-I – The King
Washington Social Club – Charlie The Russian
The Aquarium – White House
Title Tracks – Found Out
The Points – I Don’t Know About You
Supersystem – The Lake
Q And Not U – Hooray For Humans
Olivia Mancini & The Housemates – Radio Silence
Vandaveer – A Mighty Leviathan Of Old
These United States – When Your’e Traveling At The Speed Of Light

Or listen on SoundCloud!

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