Typefighter – You When You’re Older video

DC music video of the day! Tonight you won’t want to miss a fantastic folk-rock show at the Black Cat with out-of-towners Plume Giant and locals Ugly Purple Sweater and Typefighter. Today’s video comes courtesy of the late & lamented SocialStudies DC blog, for the soon-to-be-released Typefighter song You When You’re Older. The video comes from last winter in the secluded Montrose Park in Georgetown.

To promote tonight’s show, Ugly Purple Sweater and Typefighter both covered a song written by the other band, and released the results as a free download on Bandcamp.

See you there tonight!

One thought on “Typefighter – You When You’re Older video

  1. […] Older, provides an interesting way to hear the change directly. After watching the video, check out our post nearly 2 years ago to hear the same song recorded live for the late SocialStudiesDC blog. Grab […]

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