Dance for the Dying & The Silver Liners videos

DC music videos of the day! Two videos for two bands playing a great show at the Rock & Roll Hotel tonight. In addition to Hometown Sounds faves We Were Pirates, the bill includes two great rock bands, The Silver Liners and Dance for the Dying.

The Silver Liners put a lot of polish on their radio-friendly rock sound. The video for the title track to their 2010 EP Just Like The Rest was filmed at a recent gig at the Red Palace. I wonder, why don’t more bands shoot music videos at local clubs? It’s like a time capsule for the moment, especially if the club gets remodeled, relocates or calls it quits. Anyway, the Silver Liners EP is available at whatever price you want, so grab it!

Coincidentally, the video for Thug Love by Dance for the Dying also comes from live performances at the Red Palace and Rock & Roll Hotel. Synchronicity! Dance for the Dying heavily features the voice of lead singer M.C. Wolfe, backing that up with dance rock beats and synth lines to make instantly catchy pop music. The song comes from their self-titled 2011 EP.

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