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Wheelie – The Underwear Song video

This much is for certain: Pop band Wheelie loves you. They love dancing, they love crowd-pleasing, and they really really love tighty-whiteys. Their FREE new single “The Underwear Song” seeks to “throw off the shackles of professional, adult responsibilities, and get in touch with the lost innocence of childhood.” The video, shot last November at Adams Morgan studio Stroga, features volunteers & fans in a choreographed routine wearing some version of white underwear, to promote the band’s message of “self-acceptance through the act of hedonistic escapism.” The choice of featured undergarments and their deliberate lack of sex appeal make this video SWF, but trying to sing & dance along will get noticed.


Wheelie – Right Before Your Eyes video

Tonight synthpop band Wheelie close out a series that I was previously unaware of, the Silver Spring Town Center‘s Twilight Tuesdays. The April series has featured bands of various genres in a locale not widely known for hosting live music, apart from the mighty Fillmore. Watch today’s video, Right Before Your Eyes, and you’ll understand Wheelie’s playful and inventive spirit.


Wheelie – I Been Lovin video

Saturday night the Rock & Roll Hotel hosts the hometown stop of troubador Justin Jones‘s month long tour. Kicking off the show is Rachel Kate and new synthrock (is that a genre?) band Wheelie. These guys are creating an original sound with soulful vocals, snazzy keys, handclaps and an offbeat sense of style. Definitely worth showing up early to catch their live set!