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These United States – A Picture Of The Three Of Us trailer

I thought I was all tapped out of videos to showcase by Jesse Elliott’s nomadic band of troubadours These United States, but I’m thrilled to be mistaken! On the occasion of the 5 year anniversary of TUS’s 33 show tour to promote the release of their debut album A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gate to the Garden of Eden, filmmaker Justin Varava and influential live music website Daytrotter are set to premiere a new documentary about that tour. Back when TUS was only a trio of Jesse, drummer Robby Cosenza and multi-instrumentalist J. Tom Hnatow, they filled out their live sound with a different line up of new musical friends at each of the 33 stops. Get set to relive the early days of this fondly remembered band when the film premieres April 13th at Daytrotter.com.


These United States – Nobody Can Tell video

Many people in this town fondly remember Jesse Elliott’s gang of rock troubadors These United States. As frontman and lyricist, Jesse’s performances were often transcendent, attempting to divide your attention between poetry of his words and the energy of his delivery. Nomadic bands like These United States never stay rooted down long, and after scattering to various locations around the country, they recently decided to part ways. According to TUS’s Facebook feed, Jesse has formed a new band called Ark Life that recently played its debut show out in Denver. I’m very much looking forward to their inevitable swing through DC. Here’s the last TUS video I had saved up from their time here, Nobody Can Tell from their 2010 album What Lasts.


These United States – Ever Make You Mine video

I hope all you fans of DC music enjoy a relaxing Labor Day weekend, whether you are escaping with the masses or sticking around for all the fun stuff here. The video for today comes from our favorite DC expats These United States. The future of the group led by Jesse Elliott may be uncertain, but evolution is just a part of a group that’s played together for years, despite constantly shifting geographies. Here’s the video for Ever Make You Mine, from their 2010 album What Lasts.


These United States – Water and Wheat video

Former locals, now wandering troubadours These United States return to town Saturday night for a headlining show at the Black Cat to promote their new self-titled album. You probably already know all about Jesse Elliott and his musical pals, but even so you should read David Malitz’s fantastic profile of the group in today’s Washington Post. The video for their song Water and Wheat, from their 2010 album What Lasts, visualizes their nomadic lifestyle perfectly. And really, who could expect a band called These United States to stay rooted in one place for long.


These United States – Get Yourself Home video

DC music video of the day! They’ve moved on from our fair town, but HTS remembers These United States with much love. If you missed out on seeing this band mix rock with a healthy dose of twang, be sure to catch them live next time they’re passing through town. Today’s video for Get Yourself Home (In Search of the Mistress Whose Kisses are Famous) comes from their 2008 album Crimes.


These United States – The Important Thing video

DC music video of the day! Let’s watch another one by my favorite twangy rockers These United States. This wacky throwback video comes from their fantastic 2009 album Everything Touches Everything. They may not live in DC anymore, but we still remember them well.


These United States – Everything Touches Everything video

DC music video of the day! Today it’s an odd video for a really catchy song: the title track from These United States‘s 2009 album Everything Touches Everything.


These United States – Honor Amongst Thieves video

DC music video of the day! These United States may not live in DC anymore, but they made a big splash here while they did and we miss them terribly. Today’s video, Honor Amongst Thieves, comes from their 2008 album Crimes.


These United States or Funk Ark?

It’s another Friday night of tough decisions for local music shows. The Black Cat has Bro Ho Ho: A Holiday Music Spectacular with solo shows from former local (snif) Jesse Elliott of These United States, Josh Read of Revival, John Bustine and Brandon Butler.

If you prefer grooving to strumming, head to the Rock and Roll Hotel for a fantastic show with The Funk Ark, Nappy Riddem and House of Soul.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Why can’t there be two of me?

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