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The Highballers – King of the Plains video

This Saturday night Iota hosts the release show for the new self-titled album by my fave alt country band in DC The Highballers, with an opening set by North Carolina’s John Howie Jr. and the Rosewood Bluff. Last year’s release show for their debut album Soft Music and Hard Liquor was a raging success, so get to Iota early this time so you don’t miss it! Singer Kendall Jackson imparts just the right amount of swagger and sass in his twangy songs, providing a respite from music that takes itself too seriously on songs like “I’ll Break Something More Than Just Your Heart” and “I Need My Ass Kicked”. Their newest music video for “King of the Plains” tells the story of a confrontation between a humble country farmer and a wayward alien invader, with wacky animation by Matt Rasch. If you’ve never seen The Highballers live, trust me on this. They are on the short list of the most entertaining live acts in DC today, and they only continue to get better with every show I’ve seen.



The Highballers – I Didn’t Mean To Get Drunk video

The Highballers are easily my favorite twangy band in town. If you prefer sassy to sappy, and need some swagger with your drinking, The Highballers are for you. This Saturday at Iota in Clarendon they celebrate the release of their debut album Soft Music and Hard Liquor on Woodshed Records, with song titles like I Take Pride In My Drinking, Doing Time In Pennsylvania and A Cowgirl Who Understands. Here’s the music video for their debut single I Didn’t Mean To Get Drunk, which I think sums up this band perfectly.

Iota flyer