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Teen-Beat – Dischord. Arlington, VA

This video [Teen-Beat catalog #535] is a little unusual, so let us explain. Record labels are the glue that binds musical creativity together into a product that can stand the test of time. The DC area in general, and Arlington in particular, greatly benefited from two independent labels that did amazing work documenting and organizing their scenes. Teen-Beat is a record label founded by Mark Robinson of the band Unrest in 1984. It has since moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, but in its DC heyday featured indie rock bands such as Tuscadero, Phil Krauth and Jonny Cohen’s Love Machine. This video was shot and scored by Robinson at Dischord House, the Arlington home of Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson’s label documenting the punk, post-hardcore and rock output of DC for decades. It’s a brief and intense glimpse into the creative space that’s shaped our city’s musical legacy, and it moves pretty fast so get ready with that pause button. Remember, do not attempt to visit Dischord House.

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Tuscadero – Hollywood Handsome

Time for a #TBT! There was a lot more going on in DC in the 90s than just Fugazi. Melissa Farris and Margaret McCartney’s indie rock band Tuscadero blew up quickly, moving from Arlington’s beloved Teen-Beat record label to the majors with Elektra. They toured with Sebadoh and Cheap Trick before Elektra lost interest and dropped them. Teen-Beat never fell out of love, and the band has reunited a handful of times to support the label and their affiliates. Last month Teen-Beat boss Mark Robinson unearthed and posted this music video, featuring footage of the band’s fictitious appearance on 70’s institution The Gong Show playing “Hollywood Handsome” from their seminal record The Pink Album.

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