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Shy Glizzy – Keep It Goin’

You may know him as Shy Glizzy, you may know him as El Jefe, but either way the head of the Glizzy Gang just dropped a new music video for his army of fans. “Keep It Goin'” comes from Quiet Storm, Glizzy’s late 2017 album and a reference to the smooth & sultry R&B radio genre pioneered right here at DC’s WHUR in the late 70s. Both this song and the music video feature Glizzy’s trademark mix of buttery smooth production and street-level thug life, as armed and hooded thieves attempt to break into his plush mansion.


Shy Glizzy – Congratulations

After his well-regarded mixtape Young Jefe 2 last year, DC rapper Shy Glizzy decided to rebrand himself as simply Jefe when he released an EP called The World Is Yours in early 2017, as a sign of maturity. However the EP’s first video, “Congratulations”, brings his moniker back to what we’ve known and loved for years. Which is it? Rebranding is hard, kids. Get your fill of money, babes and bling below.


Shy Glizzy – Bankroll

Rapper Shy Glizzy takes his strippers and dealing braggadocio down to Atlanta to pay tribute to Bankroll Fresh, a popular rapper sadly gunned down there earlier this year. Glizzy’s single “Bankroll”, produced by Zaytoven, comes from his newest album Young Jefe 2. The cameo by Fresh’s 6 year old nephew Bankroll PJ lifts the video up from the numerous lingering shots of jiggling backsides in slo-mo.


Shy Glizzy – You Know What

Flashy cars, menacing guns with laser sights and a surprising colored coat feature in Shy Glizzy‘s newest video “You Know What”. The song comes from Young Jefe 2, the DC superstar rapper’s newest mixtape, streaming on Spotify and Apple Music and for sale on iTunes. The overwhelming gang bravado gets in the way of the fragments of a story, but Glizzy’s raw charisma is the root of the video’s appeal.


Shy Glizzy – Rounds

DMV rapper Shy Glizzy has cranked out mixtapes on the regular since 2011. Growing up with a rough background, Glizzy brings authenticity and a cool smoothness to his street-level gangsta style of rapping. His 2014 mixtape Young Jefe brought huge attention behind the hit song “Awwsome”, so anticipation runs high for its soon to be released follow-up, Young Jefe 2. Watch his Fader-premiered brand new music video for “Rounds”, featuring plenty of weed, flash, sexy women and a simple two-note hook you’ll be singing along with by the video’s end.


Shy Glizzy – Pilot video

Rapper Shy Glizzy definitely made some new fans helping kick off the festivities at Trillectro this past weekend. (Video evidence here!) His trajectory is decidedly upward since the release of his mixtape F*ck Rap last December, featuring today’s music video Pilot with help from major label rapper Trinidad James. Don’t miss Glizzy’s latest well-reviewed mixtape Law 2.

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