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Podcast for March 12th, 2021

Tony’s car has a mysterious stink, while Paul makes a 5 hour long playlist for Pyramid Atlantic.

Sunstoney – Astral Plane [In Your Apartment]
La Palma – Sábado [single]
Rosie Cima and What She Dreamed – Another Sundown [Realm of the Warring Gods]
Nino Green (Kaimbr & Sean Born) – Neighborhood Disturbance feat. LetTheDirtSayAmen [Nino Green]
Slanigiro Renguez – Into the Night [Cyclovergent Visions]
Valis Chalice – Dirge [Atmos]

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Sean Born & Dunc – Work It Out video

PG rapper Sean Born collaborated with Dunc of DTMD on his latest EP Organic for Kev Brown’s Low Budget crew. The debut single Work It Out features verses from Kaimbr and Hassan Mackey and a music video featuring great 1970s movie footage. This should inspire some of you to hit up Netflix with the keyword “blaxploitation” this weekend.

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