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Prinze George – Upswing video

Swimming against the tide, the synthpop trio Prinze George returned to their homeland of Prince Georges County from Brooklyn a couple of years ago. Perhaps it had something to do with the name of their band, comprised of vocalist Naomi Almquist, drummer Isabelle De Leon and producer Kenny Grimm. The second single from their recently released debut self-titled EP, “Upswing”, is also their first music video, and the visuals are nothing short of impressive. The crisp and powerful production from the song go well with director Chavvah Stuart’s haunting images of Naomi plunging into a forlorn, leaf-strewn swimming pool. The synthpop scene in the DC area continues to grow stronger, poised someday soon for the widespread recognition it deserves. Catch Prinze George at the Firefly music festival kickoff party at the Howard Theatre on Saturday June 6th.