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Pree – Different Shores

Balancing a hefty dose of psychedelia with their indie folk sound, Pree premiered a new music video yesterday for “Different Shores” from last year’s full length album Rima. Since singer May Tabol is the only woman in Pree, you may be curious who the other character wearing an identical wig is in this video. That’s Paige Brubeck from St. Louis band Sleepy Kitty, and by sheer cosmic coincidence both female-fronted bands are playing a show together tonight at one of the last shows at DCDIT hotspot Above The Bayou, along with the excellent producer Louis Weeks. Simply a no brainer.


Podcast for January 12th, 2016


It’s been a while, but Paul & Tony are back in 2016 with riffs on “peak dad-ness” and Tony’s history as a real bruiser on the roller rink. Plus an unexpected and lighthearted tribute to the artistic legend David Bowie, and of course a fresh dose of DC music!


Jack On Fire – Beat The Rich [We Sass You Shake Yr Ass]
Hothead – How It Goes [Hothead]
M.H. & His Orchestra – Calderwood [Calderwood single]
Wall of Trophies – Heliograph
Pree – Cloak [Cloak single]
Heavy Breathing – Body High [Airtight]

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Pree – Two Feet Shy video

Before our lovable, quirky folksters Pree take SXSW by storm next week, today they unleashed their newest music video for “Two Feet Shy”. It never hurts to have a music video director as a musician in your band, and Ben Usie always delivers a colorful, visual feast. Even though the instrumental part of their sound has matured significantly over the course of this band’s history, May Tabol’s unmistakeable voice remains its distinctive hallmark. This video aligns Tabol’s coy, precocious style to the innocent fun of trampoline and swimming with friends. Pree’s sophomore album RIMA comes out from Paper Garden Records on May 1st, so you’d better pre-order that seafoam vinyl now.


Pree – Two Feet Shy video

You can tell when a band is really taking things seriously when the first single emerges many months before a promised full-length album. Indie pop band Pree‘s new record RIMA won’t emerge from Paper Garden Records until next February, but its debut single “Two Feet Shy” is attracting attention already. Grab a free download of the song today from SoundCloud and watch Pree perform the song live at Outlier Inn and Ambika Boutique in Woodridge, NY, on a 12 acre farm in the foothills of the Catskill mountains. May Tabol’s delicate and quirky vocals are often lost in the mix when playing at clubs, so I quite appreciate the attention they get in this live video. I bet you’ll hear a lot more songs from this upcoming album at their homecoming show at Paperhaus on Sunday October 5th with Krill, Star Rover and Witch Coast.


Pree – Fresh Paint video

Experimental folk band Pree headlines the Red Palace tonight, along with Oakland band Birds & Batteries. Our friends at DC Music Download interviewed band members May Tabol and Ben Usie, a great primer before checking out the show tonight. Here’s the video for Fresh Paint, from their 2011 album Folly, assembled from footage of their March 2012 tour by band member Vanessa Degrassi.


Pree – Lemon Tree video

Local folk rockers Pree open for North Carolina’s Bombadil tonight at the Red Palace on H Street NE. May Tabol brings vocal stylings totally unlike anyone else in DC music, and the band has steadily evolved into solid live performers. Today’s video for the track Lemon Tree comes from their 2011 debut album Folly.


Pree – Shelf Life video

DC music video of the day! Here’s another great option for your mandatory Friday night local music outing: Pree plays at the underground venue Paperhaus with fellow local bands Paperhaus and Imperial China. Pree makes delightful folk-rock music fronted by the extremely distinctive vocals of May Tabol, formerly of the band Le Loup. DC has always had a lively underground and house venue scene, and if you’ve never been to see this type of show, often in a living room of an apartment or group house, you’re missing out on some of the most dynamic live music options around. The Tumblr site DC Showspace is your goto spot for all the DIY goings-on. This video for the song Shelf Life comes from Pree’s 2011 album Folly.