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Teleoptyk – Take Me Down video

DC’s history with punk, indie rock and lounge music is well known, but somewhat forgotten these days is our legacy with industrial music. 90s hotspots Nation/Capital Ballroom, Edge and Fifth Column hosted goth and industrial nights, and bands like Chemlab rode a wave of popularity on their aggressive and stylish sound. The dark electronic label Octofoil Records keeps that vibe alive with the output of flagship artist Maduro, and his new release City of Dis under the alias Teleoptyk. The debut music video from that release, Take Me Down, isn’t explicitly NSFW, but your co-workers might wonder what you get up to on the weekends.

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Maduro – There Is No Forever video

It feels like summer took a little break on us for the last few days, before cranking the heat back up for the weekend. The video for There Is No Forever by Octofoil Records artist Maduro, from the 2011 album Chasing Dragons, seems to fit my mood right now as I do my techy day job while wishing I could run around outside.

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Maduro – From The Pit video

Did you have a blowout insanity weekend? Having trouble easing back into the work week? Hometown Sounds is here to help. Goth electronic musician Maduro, on the local label Octofoil Records, has some relaxing ambient music in his catalog, in addition to the edgier stuff. Here’s a beautiful track called From The Pit, from the 2011 album Chasing Dragons.

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Maduro – Catnaps & Cabarets video

DC music video of the day! Dark & glitchy electronic label Octofoil Records isn’t well known in the DC music scene, and that’s a shame. Their marquee musician Maduro has been blending electronic beats with Middle Eastern and Asian influences for a decade, drawing comparisons to Amon Tobin and Muslimgauze. If you’ve seen any belly dancing around town, perhaps at the Red Palace, you’ve likely heard this musician’s work. Check out the video for Catnaps & Cabarets, from Maduro’s 2011 album Black Magic Kingdom, and take a demented trip to the county fair.

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