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Megaphone Barons – Flies in a Tea Cup video

Purveying a genre they call California grit rock that includes synthesizers, electric guitar, drums and violin, Megaphone Barons are poised to release their second EP in August with a release party at DC9 on Saturday August 24th. Hopefully the DC Police Department won’t get involved as they did shutting down their recent gig for the DC Bike Party. Flies In A Tea Cup, the first single from the new EP, gets a DIY video release with freaky animal masks directed by Max Van Boxel. The song was inspired by a 2010 incident in New Dehli, India in which hundreds of thousands of people were displaced to make space for the Commonwealth Games.


Megaphone Barons – Send Somebody Else video

DC music video of the day! The debut video by rock trio Megaphone Barons has what I want in a DC music video, namely, lots and lots of DC. The song Send Somebody Else comes from their 2011 EP Menagerie, now available for the low low price of FREE! To celebrate this new video, the boys are hosting a bar crawl Friday night that kicks off at 14th & U St. NW and 9 PM. At some point they’ll get a bar to play the video, but that seems secondary to meeting new friends and enjoying many fine libations. Anyway, watch the video!