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Flo Anito & Seth Kibel – Tiny Hands, Big Desk (Tiny Desk Contest)

Clarinet shredder Seth Kibel of Pikesville MD has channeled his feelings on the current political climate into a series of tunes worthy of the legendary Capitol Steps. You’d expect “Tiny Hands, Big Desk” to appear on his most recent album Songs of Snark and Despair, but it’s a brand new tune composed with DC jazz singer Flo Anito for the 2018 Tiny Desk Contest from NPR Music. There’s no denying the finesse of this talented duo in adapting the contest rules and name to suit their concerned political commentary.

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Flo Anito – No Dustbunnies (NPR Tiny Desk submission)

Singer songwriter Flo Anito contributed this video of “No Dustbunnies”, the title track to her 2008 album, to NPR Music’s Tiny Desk contest earlier this week. This sweet ode to domestic bliss was filmed in the common room of Anito’s apartment building, with percussion by Jeff Goodwin and Lou Black providing the toy instruments. The books and Fisher Price lady at a tiny desk are nice touches. Don’t miss this one NPR Music interns!

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Flo Anito – Uh Oh! video

DC music video of the day! Flo Anito‘s Uh Oh video, from her 2008 album No Dustbunnies, was nominated for Best Video of the Year by WAMA. Tonight she opens for The Ash Lovelies at Iota, so check out the video and don’t miss the show!