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Brett – Visions (The Soundmen Remix) video

Kevin Bayly once played guitar in the 80s influenced band The Dance Party, and now he’s pumping out dance tracks as Brett. Last year’s double single Confidence / Kate Moss garnered a huge number of remixes, and I expect a similar number from the new double single Rap Songs / Visions. Party DJ king Chris Burns has already cranked out a great one, as has the NY/Seattle duo The Soundmen. Here’s a brand new music video for The Soundmen’s remix of Visions, which will either make you want to go surfing now or stay the hell away from really huge waves.


Brett – Kate Moss video

Remember The Dance Party? The 80s influenced band was a DC powerhouse before decamping to LA. Now they’re back with a side project called Brett, making smooth n sexy Nu Disco music. Between Brett, Misun and Volta Bureau, DC could finally be seeing a nexus of live electronic music that I am really excited about. Check out the retro video for Kate Moss, the flipside of their debut single Confidence.