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Bellflur – Country video

Talking to some folks at the Mansion at Strathmore last Friday night, a common theme was surprise that DC still has a band like Bellflur to ourselves. Over the course of four albums and one EP, this band’s sound has evolved into majesty. The effort they put into their new album release, involving creating a super-premium vinyl box set with hand-created metal-chiseled nametags, is just as intense as the album release party they organized involving 7 bands, curated art, dance and more. So a brand new Bellflur music video is something worth taking time to savor. Directed by Rich Bernett, from the new album Twelve Vagrant Monologues from the Last Living Star, here’s Country.


Bellflur – Atoms video

Have you seen the latest rumors on the Internets about a new season of Twin Peaks? The David Lynch directed episodes of that show are still the strangest thing I’ve ever seen on network TV, 25 years later. The surreal dream-like lighting, backwards talking and people with elephant heads in Bellflur‘s new music video Atoms bring to mind the best parts of Lynch’s twisted series. Have we already seen one of the best DC music videos of 2013, 8 days in? Be on the lookout for Bellflur’s new album “12 Vagrant Monologues from the Last Living Star“, out very soon on Scenic Route Records. Check them out live on Friday Feb. 1st at the same place they filmed this video, the Mansion at Strathmore.