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A MARC Train Home – Coarse Hairs

Last month’s announcement of the departure of lead singer Lia Pisa-Relli caused some to worry about the future of dream rock band A MARC Train Home. But never fear, DC! They quickly found Genevieve Moore to take over vocal duties and their first show with the new lineup Friday night at the Rock & Roll Hotel is getting the full stage treatment with lights and fog machine courtesy of Ramtin from Drop Electric. With These Quiet Colours, Technicians and Uptown Boys Choir filling out the bill, your Friday night DC music plans are set. Here’s the music video for “Coarse Hairs”, track 1 from their FREE debut full length album It’s Easier To Make A Mess. Be on the lookout for the hot Starfleet tattoo on video model Shoshie Sennett, if you’re a nerd like me.


A MARC Train Home – Now What? video

The MARC train shuttles commuters around in Maryland, but doesn’t get any closer to Virginia than DC’s Union Station. The members of Annandale “dream rock” band A MARC Train Home can’t actually take the rail to their homes, and perhaps that’s just part of the dream. The fuzzy 90s-influenced quartet released their FREE debut full length album It’s Easier To Make A Mess back in late 2014, along with this curious music video for “Now What?”. Cynthia Sofia Cabrera’ video showcases the band rocking out in a leaf-strewn backyard while also presenting a strange narrative of a gorilla eating a banana and getting busted for drugs by Batgirl and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. What’s not to love? Catch them next at Tree House Lounge on Wednesday June 10th.