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Podcast for April 5th, 2016


Tony shows off his new favorite app, while Paul bitches about how a certain U Street music venue is doing business.

Babeo Baggins – Stay With Me (Lykke Li cover) [Love Songs For Tough Guys]
Javier Starks – Baby [Indigo Child: “D”-EITY (All Ears)]
Fellow Creatures – Breathe Easy [Fellow Creatures]
Brushes – Whatever, Again [whatever, again]
Teen Suicide – Living Proof [It’s the Big Joyous Celebration, Let’s Stir the Honeypot]
Go Cozy – Our Best Reflections [Glaziao]

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Pree – Different Shores

Balancing a hefty dose of psychedelia with their indie folk sound, Pree premiered a new music video yesterday for “Different Shores” from last year’s full length album Rima. Since singer May Tabol is the only woman in Pree, you may be curious who the other character wearing an identical wig is in this video. That’s Paige Brubeck from St. Louis band Sleepy Kitty, and by sheer cosmic coincidence both female-fronted bands are playing a show together tonight at one of the last shows at DCDIT hotspot Above The Bayou, along with the excellent producer Louis Weeks. Simply a no brainer.