Live Picks! with Tony Porreco: The French Admirals @ Rock n’ Roll Hotel

Live Picks! with Tony Porrreco

close shave

Who: The French Admirals w/ Exit Vehicles, Patrick Frank and Kelly Ann Beavers
Where: Rock n’ Roll Hotel
When: Saturday August 2
Song You Must Hear Today: “Favour”

Okay, I’ll come out and say it: I’ve always thought the stripped down North of Canada spinoff The French Admirals were an odd, misguided band. I questioned the logic of what Rob Kuczynski and Mike Lashinsky were doing, playing a combination of their own songs and covers, a helluva lot, often to empty rooms, as either a guitar/bass duo or with a drummer using a skeleton of a kit. Why do that? NoC was awesome, loud and interesting. Plus, I kinda hate acoustic guitars. I hate playing them, I (mostly) hate listening to them. To me, these guys were just doing everything wrong.

I wouldn’t air my beef for the band unless I also have huge praise for them too. Their new record Closer Than Brothers is pretty much a new North of Canada album, if you ask me. Electrics, keyboards, hand claps(!), all the trappings of a robust pop rock album and all complementing that twisty, breezy North of Canada sound. I had no idea they were making this record, so, an actual surprise = double points, and it cements them as a hard working band doing double duty as both talented and frequent performers and recording artists. Closer Than Brothers is really great album that will rush over you so pleasurably.

So I think you’ll have a really good time seeing them this Saturday 8/2 at the Rock n’ Roll Hotel on H Street. The Admirals have enlisted supporting act Exit Vehicles, who churn out some antsy, anxiety-riddled post-punk that I can personally endorse as a thrill to see.

This show has a couple of extra curve balls to note. Patrick Frank, percussionist of We Were Pirates, performs new songs written for a songwriting collective he founded called the 10-20-30 Club. Members post 3 new songs, on the 10th, 20th and 30th of each month, to keep the creativity flowing. Bells and Hunters’ vocalist Kelly Ann Beavers rounds out the bill with a quirky blend of new original material and an inspired cover or two.

There’s a ton going on this weekend with In It Together Fest augmenting the existing club  lineups, but maybe you’re tired of making all those painful decisions about who to see and running all over town to see them. Here’s a show that’ll let you catch your breath.



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