Hometown Sounds is an internet radio station devoted to playing the music of DC. The rules are simple: we play music made by people living in DC, or the surrounding suburbs. There aren’t defined boundaries of what qualifies, but Baltimore and Richmond are definitely out. We’ll play music made by bands that started in DC and moved on, but only the music they made before leaving. We want you to hear some favorite old tunes and discover new music you didn’t know was going on in your own backyard. When you hear a great band here, go see them live, and tell them you heard them first on Hometown Sounds.

Hometown Sounds began as a monthly DJ night at the Argonaut on H St. NE, focusing on a diverse mix of local music. DJ P.Vo, a.k.a. Paul Vodra, spun the tunes for a year before a kitchen fire temporarily shut down the Argonaut and canceled their weekend DJ nights. P.Vo regrouped and changed Hometown Sounds into a 24/7 internet music station.

Hometown Sounds is not pirate radio, we are 100% legal. Our webcasting licensing is provided by StreamLicensing.com. Because of copyright rules, we cannot provide an audio player or external player links on this website. By clicking on the Listen Now link you are taken to our page hosted at StreamLicensing’s site. Don’t be alarmed, our site has not been hijacked. Them’s the rules!

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