Monthly Archives: July 2017

The Deadmen – Everything

Seems like most true music fans really love a song’s lyrics, but I am just not like that. I can’t keep track of any words at live shows, and even some of my favorite songs that I’ve heard hundreds of times have parts where I can’t quite parse the words. Well-done lyric videos are great at demystifying the words, and so is this new music video for “Everything”, the lead-off track from the new self-titled album by rock supergroup The Deadmen. Directed by filmmaker Patrick Mason, the video is dead simple without skimping on rugged, hirsute style, showing the intensely serious faces of the band (Justin Hoben, Justin Jones, Josh Read and John Scoops) clearly enunciating the song’s apprehensive lyrics. You can’t help but internalize all the words, and it helps that probably 66% of them are the song’s title.


Humble Fire – Builder

Dreamy pop band Humble Fire have simply been killing it with the music videos leading up to their album release on July 28th. The newest is the album’s emotional title track “Builder”, with visuals from directors Maggie Famiglietti of Wilderness Bureau and GoKateShoot‘s Kate Warren. Strings symbolically connect everything in the video, somewhat reminiscent of DC’s 2016 Instagram hit exhibit Wonder at the Renwick. Celebrate the new video and experience their gorgeous live show Thursday night at the OTHERFEELS house along with enigmatic DC groovers Cifer.