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Spoonboy – Free Your Mind, Square

Pop-punk frontman David Combs retires his solo persona Spoonboy tonight at the Black Cat. While we’re sure to still see Combs perform with his band The Max Levine Ensemble, and with other collaborators as well, his extensive body of work as Spoonboy will pass into DC music history. In the buildup to tonight’s finale, Spoonboy just released his final EP Hazy, 3 quick & dirty songs recorded just in the last week. So today we’re sharing this short & sweet video for “Free Your Mind, Square” from last year’s split 7″ with Martha. Don’t miss tonight’s show!


Akoko – Front To The Back (Pump Up The Bass)

Self-described hip-pop duo Akoko throw down some fierce rhymes on their new single “Front To The Back (Pump Up The Bass)”. The track’s dubby dancefloor-menacing production by LA’s Lord Pidjeon renders into this new music video with just the right amounts of swagger and party vibes. But I must admit, those white contact lenses are a bit unsettling! If you’re new to Sloane Amelia (Irie X) and Sugg Savage’s world, grab their 2013 album CATARAPS for however much you can spare, and keep on the lookout for their next release due out this year.


Furniteur – Secret Plans video

Fiendishly cool synthpop act Furniteur just released their second music video, and it is a sight to behold. Director Andy Fernandez connected with Furniteur’s singer Brittany Sims about using the single “Secret Plans” in a documentary trailer, and Fernandez jumped at Sim’s suggestion of a music video collaboration. Fernandez and producer Miles Jackson decided to film a young DC skateboarding crew called the Shaw Boyz. The creepy white faces were from a sci-fi concept abandoned early on, but they strangely echo Sims’s face mask in the single’s cover art. I love how the sinister bassline of this song fits with the eerie, menacing skaters careening through the streets of DC, while Sims’s ethereal voice floats above it all. Grab Furniteur’s four song self-titled EP on Prince George Records digitally or on super-hip cassette.

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