Monthly Archives: January 2012

See-I – The King video

DC music video of the day! Have you been to See-I‘s weekly Wednesday gig at Eighteenth Street Lounge? They always deliver a funky, sweaty good time. Check out the video for The King and brave the rain tonight to see them live.


Shudder To Think – X-French Tee Shirt video

DC music video of the day! Going way back to the 90s, here’s X-French Tee Shirt by post-hardcore legends Shudder To Think


T.Kolai – Zouk video

DC music video of the day! Today we’ve got Zouk by T’Kolai. This song is one of my all-time favorites, it never fails to pick me up. Old school DC house heads will recognize the location as Dupont Circle’s Club Five, still recognizable as today’s Public Bar. Ahhhh nostalgia.


Streaming Page Fixed

We had a little technical hiccup with our streaming page, but all is now fixed. If you had trouble listening to the station, give it another shot!

Vandaveer – Good Morning video

DC music video of the day! Two Vandaveer videos in one week? They’re awesome, so who cares. Today it’s a brand new video (just released today!) for Good Morning, from the 2010 EP A Minor Spell.


Title Tracks – Steady Love video

DC music video of the day! John Davis of Title Tracks writes the catchiest pop songs. This one, Steady Love, is from the first album It Was Easy, released in 2010.


Vandaveer – A Mighty Leviathan Of Old video

DC music video of the day! Back from winter break and ready for 2012. Today we’ve got a great video from Vandaveer, A Mighty Leviathan Of Old, from their 2009 album Divide & Conquer.