Local Musicians

Submit Music
If you are a musician living in or around the DC area, submit your music to be played on this station! Email dj@hometownsoundsdc.com to start the process. We accept submissions via Dropbox, BandCamp, MediaFire or any other way that works, even CDs through the good ol’ US postal service. Finished tunes only please, no demos!

Submit Music Videos
If you have a music video you’d like featured on our DC Music Video of the Day, send us the link to the video and we’ll add it to the list.

Record a Station Identification
We’d love to add a Hometown Sounds station identification from your band to our rotating collection. It’s easy, it makes us sound good and it’s free promotion for you! Email us at dj@hometownsoundsdc.com for details.

Promote Your Shows
Drop us a line at dj@hometownsoundsdc.com or on Twitter @HometownSounds to have your show mentioned on the Hometown Sounds news feed. You can also submit an audio advertisement for your upcoming show.

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