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Andy Zipf – Promise & Purpose video

As I’ve seen NOVA-based musical acquaintances perform over the past couple of months, whispers percolated of a big thing coming for them in the fall, but none would spill the beans. Today beans were splashed all over social media with the announcement of the Magnificent Intentions Music Festival October 17th-19th. Clarendon’s Iota, long the home base of DC and especially NOVA’s singer-songwriter crowd, hosts the 3 day showcase featuring Justin Jones, Olivia Mancini, The Beanstalk Library, Derek Evry, Margot MacDonald and more TBA. Much like July’s In It Together Festival highlighted the punk and indie rock house show scene and brought a lot of media attention to it, Magnificent Intentions should elevate the status of these talented musicians to larger DC audiences often hesitant to cross the river.

Magnificent Intentions

Andy Zipf put a long solo career as singer-songwriter on pause to assemble The Cowards Choir band with two of the best percussionists in DC, Ben Tufts and Adam Neubauer, and The Beanstalk Library’s Ryan Walker on bass. Zipf’s luminous tenor vocals remain the highlight of the music, which you can and absolutely should catch tonight at Vienna’s Jammin’ Java playing alongside Eliot Bronson. Check out this gorgeous video of Zipf performing Promise & Purpose from his 2011 solo album Jealous Hands, captured live two years ago by


Beyond Modern – Facedown video & new song Fall Through

DC hip-hop fans have been waiting all summer for Mick Marx and Sur Jazz to drop new music as Beyond Modern. Back in June the duo dropped this sizzling music video for “Facedown”, asserting their rising status as sex symbols over a classic 2 Live Crew sample.

While they continue to assemble their debut full length release Distorted Reality, this morning Beyond Modern debuted a new song to keep the party rocking. “Fall Through” is a glitchy and melodic club banger featuring NYC’s Justin Rose and fashionable DC songstress Alison Carney.


Tom Goss – Fancy (Iggy Azalea cover)

While we await another viral sensation from singer Tom Goss to rival last year’s feel-good mega-hit “Bears”, he occasionally drops live acoustic cover songs that really show off his performing chops. Today Goss released his newest video, a cover of recent #1 smash “Fancy” by young sinner/rapper/model Iggy Azalea that everyone but me probably knows by heart. I had to look it up on Wikipedia because I haven’t listened to pop music on FM radio in years. But I’m totally down with Goss’s acoustic rendition, performed using a Boss RC 30 loop pedal and the iPad app iMaschine, with helpful video inlays to show how the magic is done.

And with that, like a big chunk of DC, Hometown Sounds is taking off the month of August. Enjoy the reduced traffic, plentiful parking spots, and hot restaurant tables with little wait. New DC music podcasts, videos, DJ gigs and more are coming this fall! Peace!


ACME – California Girls / Numbers Game videos

DC in July is all about seeing live music performances indoors and outdoors, but the music video action has been pretty quiet lately. ACME breaks the lull with a two-in-one video for California Girls and Numbers Game, two feel-good summer singles you should totally grab for free from their SoundCloud while they’re feeling generous. Filmmaker Nigel Lyons, recently profiled as the go-to music video director for local bands by our buds at DC Music Download, crafts the visuals for each song around the striking beauty of model Ashlei “Smokei Grey” Gray. Catch ACME playing this Thursday night at the cheekily named Fort Loko for the kickoff night of DIY house show bonanza In It Together Fest.


Incredible Change – Branching Out video

Did you know that Ra Ra Rasputin frontman Brock Boss has a solo project? Now you do! Incredible Change features a mellower vibe than the New Order-speed dance music from Ra Ra, assembled by a who’s who of DC music including Deena OH, Miyazaki’s Eddie Rodela and the soon-departing Colonel K aka Patrick Kigongo. Today The Vinyl District premiered the intriguing new video for “Branching Out”, shot by Boss and Deanna Toema and produced by Grammy-award winning engineer Drew Doucette, showing Boss wandering through a colorful and slightly tilt-shifted Rock Creek Park. Incredible Change’s debut self-titled EP is a pay-what-you-want download on Bandcamp, and your next chance to catch them live is this Sunday night at DC9 with fellow synthpopers Pleasure Curses and AAA.

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KLAUSS – GIve Me All Your Money video

Gunther & Tammy will teach you how to dance to K L A U S S.
KLAUSS is the duo of Charlottesville’s Colin Killalea and DC resident Curtis Fye. Their lo-fi 2013 debut full length album Totems is a trippy & moody listen that you can download for free on Bandcamp, but hey, chip them a buck or two if you do. It’s cool.


Young Summer – Taken video

Singer Bobbie Allen’s dream-pop project Young Summer builds anticipation for her new full length album Sirens, dropping August 26th, with a music video for “Taken” that premiered yesterday. The languid, clear vocals and 80s-style synths on display here make the song’s theme of lost love in the song even more heartbreaking. The single came out earlier this year with a cover of The Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” on the flipside. Director Allister Ann’s kaleidoscopic desert video showcases Allen’s poise, beauty and sparkly fashion sense.



By Tony Porreco

ROM (formerly The Dead Women) have caught the bug for making videos. The band put out their new record soda christ not much more than a month ago, and they’re already releasing a second music video.

While their last video for “Nuisance” followed a boxer pushing the boundaries of gender, coordinated movement is the big idea explored here in the new video for the song “Jerry Princess Taste”, which also happens to feature backup vocals from Wye Oak‘s Jenn Wasner.

The juxtaposition of highly stylized dance maneuvers over a punk rock number makes for a fun watch; it’s like watching a ballroom dance class being DJed by Joey Ramone. Also, this is a video oozing with snazzy, high quality production values, so take a break from the low-res cat vids you’re sneaking in at work and enjoy the craft of a well-made video. 


Wytold & Christylez Bacon – Doin’ It Right video

Electric cellist Wytold and out-of-this-world beatboxer Christylez Bacon are frequent collaborators with impressive results. Their latest is a live rendition of the Daft Punk song “Doin’ It Right”. On Wytold’s Bandcamp page, the song serves as a placeholder for an album of Live Covers, and I’m looking forward to more.

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Asheru & The Funk Ark – Funky DC video

Jazz keys master Will Rast‘s afrobeat ensemble The Funk Ark made a big entrance with their 2011 album From The Rooftops on Thievery Corporation’s Eighteenth Street Lounge label. The mostly instrumental album featured a stand-out collaboration with Sitali and Asheru called “Funky DC”, a verbal tour through DC’s neighborhoods and landmarks. The languid and trippy funk tune showed up again last year on Asheru’s debut full length album, Sleepless In Soweto, providing an anchor to Ash’s beloved hometown amongst songs recorded in and about South Africa. A distinguished long-timer in the DC rap scene going back to the late 90s with The Unspoken Heard, Asheru also serves as the Director of Arts Integration at Ballou Senior High School in Southeast. All that preamble sets the stage for this kick-ass new music video for “Funky DC”. Ballou High School’s swank marching band kicked off May’s inaugural Funk Parade in the U Street neighborhood that surprised just about everyone with its success and popularity, and Asheru grabbed the opportunity to film this video with the talented youngsters live at the event. This could be the most DC music video ever. We are already looking forward to next year’s Funk Parade!

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