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The Hartford Pussies – Thunder Lizard video

In reviewing the Facebook timeline of jangly indie pop band The Hartford Pussies, I followed a link to a Mashable story about iconic childhood dinosaur favorite Brontosaurus just recently getting its majestic name restored from crazy revisionist paleontologists who somehow thought that the legendary “thunder lizard” was just another type of Apatosaurus. Seriously, that’s destroying my childhood like Pluto getting downgraded from planetary status. Is Pluto back to being a planet now? Never mind, I don’t even want to know. Clearly The Hartford Pussies are overjoyed that the “Thunder Lizard”, the first single from their brand new album Judy, is back in the pantheon of our planet’s original lizard overlords. This video mixing colorful, goofy images of the band with plastic dinosaurs fighting, partying and protesting successfully fuses play time with 90s slacker vibes. Seriously, Galaxy Hut, book this band already.


Priests – Modern Love / No Weapon

As you all must know, Priests headline U Street Music Hall tonight, presented by Sasha Lord & the 9:30 Club, and by some miracle of God it’s not yet sold out. The hottest punk band in DC puts on a scorching live show, so you’d best not miss out. Today’s featured DC video isn’t an official Priests release, but it’s got enough local cred to pass muster with us. Matt Dunn conceived and shot this video of Melinda Diachenko and well known photographer Michael Andrade from an idea spawned from image Andrade captured at a show by Baby Bry Bry & The Apologists last fall, and set the short film to “Modern Love / No Weapon” from Priests’ debut EP Bodies and Control and Money and Power. Read the CityPaper’s post for the full story, but do enjoy this little warm up for tonight’s blowout early punk show at U Hall.


John Aulabaugh – Road Less Traveled video

John Aulabaugh gave up his musical adventures in his late twenties to pursue a corporate career. That was a successful move that allowed him to propser financially, but he couldn’t ignore the toll he saw of drug and alcohol addiction on friends and loved ones. He channeled his success into philanthropy, and when then clock rolled over to 50 years, he decided to leave business behind, pick up a guitar and add music back into his life. He writes and sings songs with the direct purpose of bringing understanding and healing to those troubled by addiction, and it’s impossible to miss this message in his debut music video for “Road Less Traveled”, from Aulabaugh’s recently released full length album Of Sins Present & Past. A portion of the proceeds from every album sale goes to support drug and alcohol recovery at Transitions in Covington, KY. Find out more about Aulabaugh’s musical journey in this introductory video and mark your calendars to see Aulabaugh perform an acoustic set at Epicure Cafe in Fairfax on June 19th.


Polyon – More video

Pretty colors and eerie images of food make up the accompanying visuals for shoegazers Polyon‘s second single “More”. This video takes the noisy spaced-out quality of Polyon’s indie rock and propels us on a far-out journey with tasty snacks along the way. Polyon’s been on quite a run of local shows to promote their new pay-what-you-want Three Songs EP, but this Sunday’s matinee show at Hole In The Sky with Two Inch Astronaut and a new band called Green God, billed as “Escape From DC Brunch” is obviously the best possible way to recover from your inevitable Saturday night hangover.


Kill Lincoln – Good Riddance to Good Advice video

The last song on this week’s episode of the Hometown Sounds podcast is the title track from ska band Kill Lincoln‘s final EP Good Riddance to Good Advice on Jump Start Records. As we mentioned on the show, the band made a music video for the song, and it kicks just as much ass as you thought it would. The video features hypeman Drew Skibitsky doing what God put him on this earth to do, and that is get everyone super pumped for everything! First thing in the morning, Drew gets up, puts on a suit and tie and insanely dances his way to work, spreading infectuous joy even in the snow. There’s no way I could ever be that excited to go to work, unless my job involved whiteboarding the (totally incorrect) history of ska music to coworkers. Sadly Kill Lincoln’s show last Saturday night at the Black Cat was the final DC performance for the high-energy ska punks, so buy their EP and don’t ever stop dancing.


Mittenfields – Optimists video

“Everyone is an #optimist on #openingday”, the tweet from indie rockers Mittenfields read earlier today as their debut music video dropped for “Optimists”, the lead single and title track from their upcoming full length release on April 28th. The famously loud quintet produced these trippy, snowy visuals whose style matches the slacker 90s vibe that energizes the track. The Black Cat (maintstage!) hosts the album’s release show on Thursday April 30th with a Hometown Sounds approved all-DC lineup including Greenland, Magnetar Flares and Night Streets (full respect to Night Streets for naming both a song and their debut EP after themselves \m/ ). If this is the theme song for the opening day of Nats baseball in DC, here’s hoping we don’t have too many bad days ahead.


Kenn Starr – Say Goodbye video

DC, please welcome Kenn Starr back to our hip-hop scene. An alum of the influential Low Budget crew that included Oddisee, Kev Brown and Sean Born, Starr’s sophomore album Square One, on the influential Mello Music Group label, represents a fresh start coming a full eight years since his debut full length Starr Status. On “Say Goodbye”, Square One‘s lead off single, Starr reflects on his career and his current aspirations over a crafty beat by Detroit’s Black Milk. That thoughtful, swank Low Budget vibe sure hasn’t gone out of style.

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Blueheart Revival – Early in the Morning video

Bobby Thompson’s blues rock band Blueheart Revival just released the third video from their debut full length album Stone Feathers. Like last year’s premiere video “Setting Sun”, Thompson and his talented crew along with engineer Sean Russel recorded “Early in the Morning” at Cue Recording Studio’s Red Room and Clubhill Media‘s Matt Williams was there to capture footage, but Thompson himself did the editing for this interesting view into the recording process. Iota in Clarendon is the spiritual home of this rugged style in DC, so head there Friday night to hear Blueheart Revival wail and croon with support from Jonathan Slone and Wayward Dog.

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Dead Professional – Don’t Be Cruel video

The late 80s were a formative time for me musically, especially when my house got a VCR and MTV. I set to taping my favorite music videos every chance I got, much like devoted music fans taped their favorite songs off of FM radio. 1988 is heavily represented on a VHS tape I still have somewhere in my house, even though I no longer have a device to play it back. Through coincidental synergy, that year two popular songs called “Don’t Be Cruel” flew high in the charts, Cheap Trick’s cover of the original Elvis Presley song and Bobby Brown’s new jack swing anthem. So I’ll be honest with you, when I found Dead Professional‘s spare and beautiful song with the same name, I could not get these two other versions out of my head. This is totally unfair because John Harouff’s song is original, not a cover of either of my ancient earworms. “Don’t Be Cruel” is the latest single from Dead Professional’s 2014 debut EP Hard Hard Hard, recorded by John alone, but he’s recently added bass and drums to his live sets, including this version performed out in a field for The Garage Video Sessions. Dead Professional brings their simple and direct rock to the Kingman Island Bluegrass Festival on April 25th, so wouldn’t it be a grand idea to pre-order tickets today?


Incredible Change – Ecce Mono video

We’ve told you a few times now about Incredible Change, the hot hot synthpop band fronted by Ra Ra Rasputin’s Brock Boss. Their short tour with The Jaguar Club from NYC and Baltimore’s Joseph & the Beasts hits our fair town Saturday night at DC9. This video from last year for “Ecce Mono”, on their FREE self-titled debut EP, shows how much of an intense workout drumming really is. Just try to burn that many calories dancing!


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