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The Very Small – The Worst Form Of Violence

This massive hurricane looks like it’s going to miss DC this weekend, which is great news for fans of live music shows and bad news for those who like wet excuses to stay in and “Netflix & chill” or whatever. Cap off this first October weekend with a trip to DC9 to celebrate the newest music video from rock band The Very Small. Robin Smith, Aaron Mann and Zack Be roped in esteemed music video director Nigel Lyons to create visuals for “The Worst Form Of Violence”, a brand new single release from their 2014 album Zoomed Way Out. The video combines vibrant colors that accompany the melodic powerpop riffs with haunting images of poverty and strife to eludicate the lyrics. Catch them anchor an all-DC music lineup this Sunday night with The Escape Artist and Boon.

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The Cornel West Theory – We Almost Lost Philadelphia

We’ve waited four years to get pummeled with more delicious truth bombs from Tim Hicks’s scorching hip-hop crew The Cornel West Theory. The final product is worth the wait as Coming From The Bottom dropped last week, delivering a full 20 tracks worth of deft production and lyrics, featuring collaborations with Ursula Rucker, Queen Helene of Les Nubians and DC’s own Ian Svenonious. Watch the first music video from this release, “We Almost Lost Philadelphia” and head to their Bandcamp to grab this album for absolutely free.


RDGLDGRN – Won’t Last

Hip-hop infused rock band RDGLDGRN are pretty badass cool in the many music videos we’ve seen from them to date, but their newest goes in a very different direction. The slower, groove-laden single “Won’t Last” soundtracks this video tribute to The Goonies, the most formative movie for anyone growing up in the 80s. While the colorful gents tour Germany in October, their second full length album drops October 9th, and you won’t even have to do the truffle shuffle to hear it.


Ace Cosgrove – Burning Slums

Among the many highlights of this past weekend’s Landmark Music Festival, young rapper Ace Cosgrove stood out for an energetic and inspired performance. Despite a sore throat and early time slot, Cosgrove won many new fans rapping from the middle of the crowd while his large live band jammed onstage. While I wish that every band booked by Landmark came from our hometown, they deserve props for presenting some quality DC talent to the devoted early-goers of the festival, especially Ace Cosgrove. Check out this video for “Burning Slums”, a Black Diamond-produced track from Cosgrove’s UsVsRobots mixtape from last year.


The NRIs – Across The River

Nayan Bhula’s folk-rock ensemble The NRIs show their love for and excellent taste in DC landmarks in their new video for “Across The River”. While singing about familiar facets of living in this town, Bhula and his guitar take a tour of landmarks including Fort Reno and the Sunday drum circle at Meridian Hill Park. The long-gestating video accompanies the pay-whatever-you-want 2012 EP The Charm.


Catscan! – Voodoo Dollhouse

Last week electronic rock duo Catscan! unleashed the second single from their unbelievably catchy full length album Challenger Deep, a generous pay-what-you-want download on their Bandcamp. Mason Shelby and Paul Tsiaperas still know how to do a proper single release in 2015, making a goofy music video for “Voodoo Dollhouse” with plenty of burning dollhouse footage, and a dance remix by Eric Randall with rapping from Height Keech. Furthering the generosity, both the remix and the original are available for further manipulation under a Creative Commons license, so other bedroom noodlers should see how far this earworm can go. Mark your calendars for Catscan!’s next live show on Saturday October 17th at the Velvet Lounge with Electric Grandmother, ShowPony and Aggressive Pedestrian.


The Grey A – Dumb Fool

Georgetown’s classy Americana-focused venue Gypsy Sally’s celebrates 2 years of music with an anniversary show this evening featuring Jim Lauderdale and Human Country Jukebox. But their intimate Vinyl Lounge space hosts another in their free Capital Americana series, tonight featuring a fantastic lineup that includes Uptown Boys Choir and The Grey A. In true Washington fashion, The Grey A’s single “Dumb Fool” speaks to the need for campaign finance reform as a precondition to tackling the big issues of the day. This slick music video, a classic noir tale of murder and mistaken identity, comes from NYC film maker Adio Ash of Impaired Films. See them tonight for free and grab their 2014 debut full length album My Country.


Clones of Clones – Somebody Else

A vibrant music scene needs more than just great bands. Bloggers, show promoters, labels, photogs and podcasters (ahem) all play a vital part in getting crowds interested and involved. DC is rather lucky to have a videographer like Nigel Lyons to craft such polished visuals for acts as diverse as Paperhaus, The North Country, Outputmessage, ACME and the Jonathan Parker’s Panel Counsel jazz ensemble. Indie rockers Clones of Clones are the latest to get the video treatment from Lyons for their new single “Somebody Else” off their upcoming full length Monster Heart. The lovesick plot might seem straightforward at first, but the finish is worth a second glance.

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Brutalism – Friday Night (Home Invasion)

Kids, let me tell you about a glorious time us old folk lived through called the 80s. It was glorious. Hair like you wouldn’t believe. And cars! Those spiffy cars even got their own TV shows, like Knight Rider and The Dukes of Hazzard.

Brutalism, the over-the-top synthpop group featuring Gavin Holland, Ben Bruno and Zach Carter, mine this treasure trove in their newest music video for the deranged single “Friday Night (Home Invasion)”. The first few times I heard the single I got lost in the feel-good dance party grooves, but the music video doesn’t let you miss the dark lyrics about home invasion and murder. So why not pair that song with visuals of cheesy computer graphics, hardcore action flicks and the carefree joy of taking a Pontiac Stinger on the beach? Brutalism seems to know a hidden formula for genius, because I’ve never seen modern synthpop, 80s video clips and murder work so well together anywhere else.


The Obsessives – Camping

“Camping”, the debut music video from emo duo The Obsessives, is firmly rooted in the high school experience. Childhood friends Nick Bairatchnyi and Jackson Mansfield recently left that ordeal of youth behind, but the plaintive lyrics and intense but unhurried music reflects that time when everything seems to matter so much. The video footage is what I expect smartphone-equipped youth assemble these days to remember the important times with friends that are about to change and vanish forever. The Obsessives’ debut full length album Heck No, Nancy comes out September 18th on Near Mint Records, but you can make their day and pre-order it now.

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