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Shark Week – Waste of Time

Just as stylish surf/garage rockers Shark Week wind down their tour presenting their long-awaited debut album Beach Fuzz on PaperCup Music to a wider audience, we’re treated its first music video. “Waste of Time”, a single with propulsive drums and singalong harmonies, gets extensive visual decoration from Daisy Heroin, an artistic nom de plume of Colin Dawson, guitarist of Seattle band Stickers and formerly Haunted Horses. Daisy Heroin could very well become a solo musical project for Dawson, but for now he’s bringing his Terry Gilliam-esque cutouts to music videos from Poseurs, VHS and other weird art projects. Baltimore Soundstage is the Shark Week tour’s penultimate stop on Thursday June 18th opening for The Toadies, but they’ll land back in our town in mid August at the Black Cat, opening for JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound.


We’ll Be Back Shortly

We’re taking a little break from the DC music podcasts and videos this week while Paul moves to a new apartment in Arlington. Back next week!

Prinze George – Upswing video

Swimming against the tide, the synthpop trio Prinze George returned to their homeland of Prince Georges County from Brooklyn a couple of years ago. Perhaps it had something to do with the name of their band, comprised of vocalist Naomi Almquist, drummer Isabelle De Leon and producer Kenny Grimm. The second single from their recently released debut self-titled EP, “Upswing”, is also their first music video, and the visuals are nothing short of impressive. The crisp and powerful production from the song go well with director Chavvah Stuart’s haunting images of Naomi plunging into a forlorn, leaf-strewn swimming pool. The synthpop scene in the DC area continues to grow stronger, poised someday soon for the widespread recognition it deserves. Catch Prinze George at the Firefly music festival kickoff party at the Howard Theatre on Saturday June 6th.


Speedy Consuela – Sukka Suited video

Untangling the web of connections between artists in the Fort Knox Recordings family is a fun parlor game. Fort Knox Five, the label’s flagship funk act, is Jon Hovarth, Steve Raskin and Sid Barcelona (new album out next month!), but Raskin & Barcelona made stylish downtempo as Thunderball on the ESL label for many years. Versatile guitarist/sitarist Rob Myers’s solo excursions go under the name International Velvet. Raskin also put together a family project with his sister Joyce, wife Johnna and Joyce’s husband Matt White called Speedy Consuela. Though a rumored full length album did not materialize, a handful of tracks appeared on the occasional FKR compliation series “The New Gold Standard”. Despite being originally released way back in 2006, Speedy Consuela just premiered a new music video for their debut single “Sukka Suited”. Directed by the aforementioned Rob Myers and shot in the Rock & Roll Hotel’s stylish Mao Room, the video is a swanky mod tribute to this throwback party anthem from the mid-aughts.

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Young Rapids – What R U Saying video

DC’s homegrown record label Chimes Records pulls out all the stops for their first major release, the long awaited second album by dead-and-back-again experimental indie rockers Young Rapids. Pretty Ugly‘s new single, What R U Saying, is the first out of the gate for a music video, and Ben Usie from red-hot DIT venue The Beehive delivers this super trippy and colorful visual interpretation of the song. I have no idea what is happening but I like how it makes me feel. Catch these feels for yourself this Saturday at the Rock & Roll Hotel when Chimes Records shows off its all-DC roster of bands, including Go Cozy, Den-Mate and of course The Sea Life. Hit the ATM first and take home some sweet sweet vinyl.


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Young Summer – Severing Ties video

Oh Bobbie Allen aka Young Summer. Your dreampop-styled heartbreak songs just rip our guts out sometimes. The DC-based songstress has spent a lot of her breakout year of 2014 touring extensively, so don’t pass up the rare chance to see her headline a hometown show. Tonight’s the night as YS caps off an early night of dreamy DC synthpop with openers PLOY and Pleasure Curses at U Street Music Hall. To get in the swaying, romantic mood for tonight, watch YS’s new video for “Severing Ties” from the 2014 album Siren.

Okay we’ll say it. We love you, Young Summer.


Podcast with Chunky Glasses

chunky glasses logo

Need more of Paul & Tony talking about the DC music scene? We recently stopped by the production studios of the Chunky Glasses Podcast, a.k.a. “The Basement”, to detail our origin story and thoughts on the current DC music scene. Chunky Glasses, our brothers in podcasting, focus on both local and national acts with learned criticism from the likes of DCist music editor Tori Kerr, WRGW programming director Quinn Myers and head honcho Kevin Hill. Their episode interviewing The Cowards Choir was a fantastic listen.

Grab episode 92 of the Chunky Glasses podcast for more Hometown Sounds on your Thanksgiving travel, or better yet subscribe in iTunes!


Bearshark promo code!

Bearshark, the recently retired post-rock/indie band that kicked off yesterday’s episode of the Hometown Sounds podcast, has a special offer for DC music fans! Head over to their website and use the promo code “hometownsounds” to get 20% off everything on the site! This includes their two essential EPs, 2011’s Gorilla Defense and the new Canyonlands EP, as well as a limited edition print from the new EP and this totally sweet USB drive/bottle opener!
usb drive


And Now, A Brief Hiatus

I confess, postings have gotten pretty sporadic around Hometown Sounds lately. Real life is doing a bang-up job of getting in the way of my passion for spreading the word about DC music. Rather than half-ass my way through this difficult period, unfortunately it’s time for me to step away for a bit and fix a ton of bugs for the day job. See you again real soon, DC.


Junior Marvin & Nappy Riddem at the Hamilton


True reggae fans already have tickets to The Hamilton Friday and Saturday night, but it’s not too late for you to get in on the action! Junior Marvin, one of Bob Marley’s original Wailers, celebrates his legacy by performing two classic Marley albums in their entirety. Friday night Marvin and his Force One band perform Marley’s final album Uprising in its entirety, while Saturday night they give the same tribute to the breakout album Exodus.

Red hot DC reggae band Nappy Riddem open both nights with their funky spin on the island vibes. Get into the spirit with a new remix from the Riddem boys of Mamaye by Novalima (FREE DOWNLOAD here!)

Rex Riddem and Junior Marvin made a video message about these shows as well:

Your only choice is: Friday, Saturday or both?
Junior Marvin's Force One with Nappy Riddem
Photos by John Shore


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