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Lowercase Letters – Open Blinds

Today’s DC music video is just criminally sexy. Indie neo-soul band lowercase letters mixes a healthy dose of rock in their sultry sound, and the single “Open Blinds” takes things further with singer Alphie Williams crooning lyrics of coy exhibitionism. The video, presented by their longtime home House Studio and directed by Kimshimwon, really delivers as a visual interpretation of the song. It’s not overtly explicit but your boss might raise an eyebrow. The soulful foursome open a fine Sunday night of music with Nigerian singer-songwriter Nneka at Vienna’s Jammin’ Java. Brush up on their tunes with their debut self-titled full length album released last November.



Remember that hot new jam from RDGLDGRN in yesterday’s episode of the Hometown Sounds podcast? (You did listen, right? Of course you did.) Well there’s already a music video for it! Now your Wednesday is made too. “No Pixar” features King Green rapping about the state of the band and its art in 2015, how they aren’t backed by corporations like Pixar or Disney but instead keeping things simple and DIY. The video reflects that, just Green spitting verses with subtle clips off to the side. Don’t miss RDGLDGRN’s big hometown show Thursday night at U Street Music Hall!


Shark Week – Waste of Time

Just as stylish surf/garage rockers Shark Week wind down their tour presenting their long-awaited debut album Beach Fuzz on PaperCup Music to a wider audience, we’re treated its first music video. “Waste of Time”, a single with propulsive drums and singalong harmonies, gets extensive visual decoration from Daisy Heroin, an artistic nom de plume of Colin Dawson, guitarist of Seattle band Stickers and formerly Haunted Horses. Daisy Heroin could very well become a solo musical project for Dawson, but for now he’s bringing his Terry Gilliam-esque cutouts to music videos from Poseurs, VHS and other weird art projects. Baltimore Soundstage is the Shark Week tour’s penultimate stop on Thursday June 18th opening for The Toadies, but they’ll land back in our town in mid August at the Black Cat, opening for JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound.


Spoonboy – Free Your Mind, Square

Pop-punk frontman David Combs retires his solo persona Spoonboy tonight at the Black Cat. While we’re sure to still see Combs perform with his band The Max Levine Ensemble, and with other collaborators as well, his extensive body of work as Spoonboy will pass into DC music history. In the buildup to tonight’s finale, Spoonboy just released his final EP Hazy, 3 quick & dirty songs recorded just in the last week. So today we’re sharing this short & sweet video for “Free Your Mind, Square” from last year’s split 7″ with Martha. Don’t miss tonight’s show!


A MARC Train Home – Now What? video

The MARC train shuttles commuters around in Maryland, but doesn’t get any closer to Virginia than DC’s Union Station. The members of Annandale “dream rock” band A MARC Train Home can’t actually take the rail to their homes, and perhaps that’s just part of the dream. The fuzzy 90s-influenced quartet released their FREE debut full length album It’s Easier To Make A Mess back in late 2014, along with this curious music video for “Now What?”. Cynthia Sofia Cabrera’ video showcases the band rocking out in a leaf-strewn backyard while also presenting a strange narrative of a gorilla eating a banana and getting busted for drugs by Batgirl and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. What’s not to love? Catch them next at Tree House Lounge on Wednesday June 10th.


Loud Boyz – 4 The Ladies video

Like funk and go-go, hardcore punk will always be a respected part of DC’s musical DNA. Loud Boyz are a hardcore band equally well suited to screaming and fast drum beats as they are posing for dramatic photos on and off stage. Their debut LP Tough Love, Hard Feelings doesn’t come out until July 5th, but local label Cricket Cemetery teased us with a powerful track from that release, “Knives”.

Their debut track, the party anthem “4 The Ladies”, got this fun music video treatment a while back from Scott Pitocco and Jack Eddy, and is currently available on 7″ vinyl in boring black or debaucherous absinthe colors. Catch them kicking off the Beach Fuzz record release party from Shark Week this Saturday at the Dance Loft on 14th, sure to be the party of the weekend.

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The Orchid – Beyond The Vast, Endless Sea video

This Saturday at the Velvet Lounge instrumental post-rock skygazers The Orchid return to the stage after a two and a half year absence. We featured their most recent release Shadowing Lull on a recent episode of the Hometown Sounds podcast, and today we’re throwing it back with this short music video from a few years ago. This is a short “album teaser” for their 2012 release Beyond The Vast, Endless Sea, shot by Zach Robbins out in picturesque Charlottesville. If you like interesting sonic experiments with hauntingly beautiful strings and creepy electronics, this is a band to check out! Catch them with The Dealbreakers, A Troop of Echoes and our fave instrumentalists ShowPony at Velvet Lounge this Saturday night.


Pleasure Curses – Lust video

On a recent episode of our DC music podcast, we speculated on the nature of the “audio/visual concept release” of Pleasure Curses’ new EP Pure/Lust on Prince George Records. Turns out that in addition to a limited edition cassette and lots of bonus ephemera, the synthpop duo created music videos to accompany the tracks, and “Lust” is the first out of the gate. Jahn Alexander Teetsov directs this strange montage of robot hands playing with a number of brilliantly blue objects, some musically and some rather lustfully. Pleasure Curses join another great synthpop duo Champagne Fever to open a show Saturday night at DC9 for New York’s Tei Shi, so don’t miss out!

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Priests – Modern Love / No Weapon

As you all must know, Priests headline U Street Music Hall tonight, presented by Sasha Lord & the 9:30 Club, and by some miracle of God it’s not yet sold out. The hottest punk band in DC puts on a scorching live show, so you’d best not miss out. Today’s featured DC video isn’t an official Priests release, but it’s got enough local cred to pass muster with us. Matt Dunn conceived and shot this video of Melinda Diachenko and well known photographer Michael Andrade from an idea spawned from image Andrade captured at a show by Baby Bry Bry & The Apologists last fall, and set the short film to “Modern Love / No Weapon” from Priests’ debut EP Bodies and Control and Money and Power. Read the CityPaper’s post for the full story, but do enjoy this little warm up for tonight’s blowout early punk show at U Hall.


John Aulabaugh – Road Less Traveled video

John Aulabaugh gave up his musical adventures in his late twenties to pursue a corporate career. That was a successful move that allowed him to propser financially, but he couldn’t ignore the toll he saw of drug and alcohol addiction on friends and loved ones. He channeled his success into philanthropy, and when then clock rolled over to 50 years, he decided to leave business behind, pick up a guitar and add music back into his life. He writes and sings songs with the direct purpose of bringing understanding and healing to those troubled by addiction, and it’s impossible to miss this message in his debut music video for “Road Less Traveled”, from Aulabaugh’s recently released full length album Of Sins Present & Past. A portion of the proceeds from every album sale goes to support drug and alcohol recovery at Transitions in Covington, KY. Find out more about Aulabaugh’s musical journey in this introductory video and mark your calendars to see Aulabaugh perform an acoustic set at Epicure Cafe in Fairfax on June 19th.


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